Libra's unlicensed version of the "OpenLibra" creator originally published incorrect project participants

The creators of Libra's unlicensed version of "OpenLibra" initially introduced incorrect information about the project participants. Four individuals and organizations have denied participation in the project, and others have pointed out that their participation has been exaggerated. It is reported that the project was announced on Devcon on October 9. Sunny Aggarwal, core developer of blockchain startup Tendermint Inc., said: "I participated in a community OpenLibra event. After that I did nothing. Before my name appeared on the slide (introducing the OpenLibra project) No one asked me.” In addition to Aggarwal, representatives from Chainlink, the Web3 Foundation and Hashed also said that their names were used without permission. Lucas Geiger, founder of the OpenLibra project, later apologized to the parties for the matter. Geiger did not confirm which of the 30 lists released on Wednesday were “potential partners” and which were actual partners of the OpenLibra project. So far, nine people have directly confirmed their participation in the OpenLibra program.