Since the launch of the "BCTrade2.0 Blockchain Trade Finance Platform", the cumulative trading volume has exceeded 3.6 billion yuan.

On October 11th, China Construction Bank released the “BCTrade2.0 Blockchain Trade Finance Platform” in Beijing. It is understood that since the online trading of the blockchain trade financial platform in April 2018, the cumulative transaction volume has exceeded 360 billion yuan, and has successively deployed domestic letters of credit, Forfeiting, international factoring, re-conservation and other functions for the banks. Three types of customers, such as non-bank institutions and trading companies, provide trade finance services based on the blockchain platform. The participants include 54 domestic and overseas branches of the Construction Bank and more than 40 peers, covering large state-owned banks, national joint-stock banks, and city commercial banks. , agricultural commercial banks, foreign banks, non-bank financial institutions and other institutions. Ji Zhihong, deputy governor of China Construction Bank, said that CCB will adhere to the principle of “opening, co-construction and sharing” and jointly promote the development of “blockchain+trade finance” with the banking associations and the industry, and empower enterprises with science and technology. Promote development, build an ecosystem with sharing, and solidly improve the ability to serve the real economy.