The SEC called the Telegram cryptocurrency item TON's token distribution, allegedly selling unregistered securities

On October 12th, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) received an emergency restraining order to stop Telegram and its subsidiary TON Issuer in the US to issue or distribute a $1.7 billion Gram token. According to the SEC, Telegram previously sold 2.9 billion Gram tokens to 171 purchasers, of which 1 billion tokens were sold to 39 US investors, but the token issuance and sales are not registered under the Securities Act, SEC Obtain an emergency restraining order to prevent these tokens from being issued in the US market. Previously, Telegram's blockchain project TON sent a communication message to investors. The TON test network worked well. The main network is scheduled to go online in October. The TON team also provided investors with key generation software to help investors. Create a TON account to distribute Gram tokens.