Beijing News: Yingshang blockchain, after the two links of Netac Technology, the founder’s high holdings

On the evening of October 10, Netac Technology issued the “Pre-Disclosure Announcement on Shareholdings of Shareholders Holding More Than 5% of Shareholdings”. The announcement shows that Deng Guoshun, a shareholder and director holding 4,335 shares of the company (accounting for 21.63% of the company's total share capital) The plan shall reduce the holding of the company's shares by no more than 6.012 million shares (in the total share capital of the company) within six months after the fifteen trading days from the date of issuance of this reduction announcement (no reduction in the window period). The ratio is 3%), and the reason for the reduction is for personal reasons. Netac Technology was established in May 1999 and launched in January 2010. Deng Guoshun’s reduction in this holding caused a huge reaction from investors. In the news, Netac Technology announced on the evening of October 9, the company currently has two "digital currency" related patents. On October 9 and October 10, Netac Technology's share price has been twice daily. Since September 27, Netac Technology's share price has risen from the closing price of 14.15 yuan per share on September 26 to 19 yuan per share on October 10. The increase was 34.28%, and the market value rose by nearly 1 billion yuan.