Swedish law enforcement agency once again publicly auctions bitcoin

On October 12th, the Swedish law enforcement agency Kronofogden once again publicly auctioned the cryptocurrency. This is the second such auction by a Swedish government agency. The auction lasts for a week and begins on October 11. The auction will be for 4.59 BTC worth about 370,000 Swedish kronor (about $377,000). It is reported that Kronofogden is the government agency responsible for debt collection in Sweden. Kronofogden, on behalf of Johannes Paulson, explained that the agency chose to auction rather than redeem it because it did not have the infrastructure to meet its requirements. He emphasized that the foreclosure was carried out in close cooperation with the Swedish police and the legal currency obtained from the auction would be used to repay the owner’s debt. Kronofogden first auctioned its seized bitcoin about two years ago, when the highest bid was 43,000 SEK, which was much higher than its current market value (SEK 27,600). The auction at the time attracted great interest.