The Block research director released the number of employees in the encryption company, which is different from the previous "British version".

Larry Cermak, Research Director of The Block, posted a chart showing the number of employees in each of the major encryption companies. Cermak claims: "According to my research, this is the number of employees in the encryption company. LinkedIn is not a very reliable source – especially for Asian companies." In the chart posted by Cermak, the encryption company The number of employees is as follows: 1. Bitland, 1,800; 2. Coinbase, 1,100; 3. Fire, 1,100; 4. ConsenSys, 800; 5. Kraken, 700; 6. Coin, 580 ( Here the text of the tweet is described as 550 people); 7. Ripple, 450 people. Note: Previously, Twitter user Yano had cited LinkedIn data to count the top 10 encryption companies in terms of the number of employees. They are: coin security (1635), Coinbase (1195), ConsenSys (868), OKEx + OKCoin (548), Ripple (508), Bitmain (475), Huobi (453), Circle (350), Tron (250) And Bitfinex (220). But then Zhao Changpeng and Bitfinex chief technology officer Paolo Ardoino have repeatedly denied it.