Jia Nan Technology Zhang Nanyu: R&D in the field of blockchain chips has a great impact on the entire semiconductor design industry

Jia Nan Technology CEO Zhang Nanyu talked about the company's chip development process in an interview with the China Entrepreneur Magazine. Zhang Nanxuan said that in the past few years, their research and development in the blockchain chip field has had a great impact on the design methodology of the entire semiconductor design industry, even the back-end supply chain, but it is not known to the public. From the perspective of design methodology, the pursuit of computational energy efficiency and low cost in the development of blockchain computing chips is extremely extreme, and the results achieved are an order of magnitude improvement over traditional design methodology. The focus of the chip battle will focus on computing power. Zhang Nanxuan finally revealed: "In essence, Jianan Technology is a company that provides super computing solutions. Our next-generation chip, the Kage K510, is expected to be released by the end of this year. The computing power will be greatly improved, and the application scenarios will also be smart retail. The field of intelligent driving extends."