Chairman of China Netan, Qing Wei: Using the City Alliance Chain to Build a Social Governance Pattern of Joint Construction and Sharing

Babbitt reported on the 13th, at the 2019 CCF blockchain technology conference, the chairman of China Electronic Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., Qing Yu proposed a new concept of "city alliance chain", she pointed out that the city alliance chain is A multi-chain scalable new blockchain network consisting of government, industry and enterprises aims to create a social governance structure that is shared and shared. It is characterized by integrating resources of various industries, constructing rich ecological data, unified planning, unified standards, unified interfaces, internal and external coordination, fairness and transparency. The architecture of the city alliance chain includes (1) the consensus layer, providing common service functions such as time stamping and supervision. It consists of government service agencies, government regulatory agencies, the financial industry, and the medical industry. (2) The decision-making layer processes according to the rules and gives the processing results. It consists of management agencies, alliance associations, and regulatory agencies in various industries. (3) The verification layer performs credibility verification on the business process results and updates the data status to provide services. It is composed of government agencies, industry alliances, and enterprise organizations. (4) User layer, city chain business chain, service initiator and provider.