Deutsche Bank's first digital bond has been successfully issued on the EOS blockchain

According to official dBonds, Deutsche Bank bonds have been successfully tokenized on the EOS blockchain, and the first digital bonds have been issued on the EOS blockchain. On October 11, BM has forwarded the article. The specific information about this release is as follows:
1. Signed a custody agreement with a licensed UK custodian;
2. Deutsche Bank's high-quality dollar-denominated bonds are locked and custody until expiration;
3. The digital bond (dbond) DBAAAAA is issued under the dbondsacc contract at the request of the emitent (unitedbridge account). The dbond specifies the stable currency DUSD issued by Depos Technologies (thedeposbank contract).
4. Dbond DBAAAAA is deposited as a collateral in the deposbank smart contract and issues a stable currency DUSD associated with the current price of DBAAAA. The stable currency is issued to the owner of the unitedbridge account.