Russian parliamentarians: Encryption regulations will be postponed again, but the central bank may allow people to "conditionally" use cryptocurrencies

According to Cryptonews, there have been reports that the Russian Ministry of Finance is considering legislation to divide cryptocurrencies into three categories for regulation, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev asked to ensure that the bill was passed before November 1. However, according to the Tass news agency, the Russian parliament will postpone the cryptocurrency regulations again. Anatoly Aksako, chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee responsible for drafting the blockchain bill, said that the bill could not be prepared in time. However, Aksako also indicated that there may be ways to circumvent the impasse that currently hinders the progress of the bill. Aksakov once said that Russia is at a "crossroads" in cryptocurrency policy and faces a dual choice. However, he said that it is possible to reach a "compromise" and "enable people have the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies in Russia." But he added that the Russian central bank needs to provide "licensing" and hopes to retain some control. Aksakov admits that the central bank "resolutely opposes" the cryptocurrency. Aksakov described "unsecured cryptocurrency" as "real danger", but he believes that the stable currency is "very real", while at the same time, one of Russia's largest and most keen banks to encrypt – the Russian Federal Savings Bank (Sberbank) President Herman Gref also called on the government to adopt a “laissez-faire” approach to regulating stable currencies. Gref also believes that Libra may not be launched in Russia because many Russian companies have tried to launch similar digital tokens, but they have all failed.