How to develop your own trading plan in the currency circle?

Yesterday's article analyzed the importance of the trading plan and pointed out that the correct trading process is far more than 100 times more important than a correct trading result . There are many small partners who ask: How to develop your own trading plan/system?

This is a matter of benevolent seeing the wise and seeing wisdom. The uncertainty of the financial market determines that any kind of trading plan has limitations. There is no one-size-fits-all standard. Therefore, it is more necessary to seek inward answers. From your perspective, find a trading plan or investment strategy that suits you .

In fact, everyone has a trading plan intentionally or unintentionally, but they have not found a smooth plan to stabilize their profits. According to the currency released in the market, it is a bad news to buy and sell the currency, or to listen to the recommendation of the master to buy coins, gossip or insider information to buy coins, even in the market to chase up and down, is a trading plan .

For real traders and masters, they must have personally practiced various trading strategies or plans in the market, selected several suitable plans for themselves, and then improved their strategies in practice to make the strategy accurate. The sex is getting higher and higher, and the probability of making money naturally is getting bigger and bigger. However, for ordinary retail investors, the lack of knowledge and practice accumulation is just a hearsay. Various trading plans are actually in use. Whatever you use, 18 martial arts know, but they don’t use it, they will go to the battlefield. Most of the nature will only be the role of cannon fodder.

To put it simply, the most common trading plan is fixed investment . This is very common in traditional financial markets. All kinds of funds are fixed-playing games, which is very suitable for small white players. My previous article also said, " The location of Bitcoin 10,000 dollars, is it also suitable for fixed investment? ", can go and see. In the current digital currency market, the bear market continues and the bull market is not expected, the fixed investment is still the most insurance trading plan or strategy, but the target of the fixed investment can only be the BTC and the popular mainstream currency , and will not die in the future. Currency.

There is also a trading plan that is a grid strategy , which is often mentioned in traditional investments. To put it simply, divide the available funds in your hand into many shares. When the price falls by a certain amount or proportion, buy one, and when the price rises by a certain amount or proportion, sell one . This is a relatively stable jiacang strategy, and it is also a very complete trading system, taking Bitcoin as an example.

Suppose I have 100,000 RMB of funds to invest in digital currency. I use 50,000 of them to operate the grid strategy. I divide it into 10 copies, each of which is 5000RMB, based on the BTC price of $8,500, when the price of BTC falls. For $500, I will buy a BTC ($5,000). When the BTC price rises by $500, I will sell one. In this way, we do n't have to care about BTC's short-term currency price trend, and seize the opportunity of every currency price fluctuation in the process of its rising and falling .

The reason why the example only takes 50% of the available funds (less in practice, the grid strategy is only suitable for short-term and medium-term) is to use the grid strategy because the grid strategy is more risky than the fixed investment strategy. In the unilateral decline market, the grid strategy will suffer huge losses. Similarly, under the unilateral rising market, the grid strategy will lead to a significant reduction in profits . Therefore, generally take 1-3% of the available funds to operate the grid strategy.

Of course, any trading strategy or plan can't guarantee that you earn 100% of the money , because the financial market is unpredictable, and it is a game between many people. The uncertainty is very big. Therefore, our trading plan must be cautious, first use a small amount of funds to test, according to market trends in different periods, use the corresponding trading plan to improve the success rate .

Operational recommendations:

BTC: After breaking the support of the 1-hour MA60 moving average ($8,400), the BTC will be in a contraction trend for a short period of time, and the amount will be extremely shrinking. The technical indicators such as MACD and BOLL also point to the consolidation state. BTC briefly oscillated around 8300 US dollars for a short time. From the overall point of view, it is in the middle axis position of the range since the Great Falls on September 25. This position can be up and down, there is not much room for operation, or wait for the direction of the market. It will be more supportive if it falls below the support of $8,200 or breaks through the pressure of $8,400. ETH: 178-185 US dollar range consolidation trend, short-term attention to the support strength of the 4-hour MA60 moving average (180 US dollars), in the case of heavy volume, you need to pay attention to the risk.

LTC: The disk surface fluctuates around 56 dollars, the amount can shrink, short-term wait-and-see, and the bottom supports 52-54 dollars.

BCH: The same contraction consolidation trend, 225 US dollars fluctuating up and down, short-term pressure 240 US dollars, the risk of falling below 220 US dollars increased.

EOS: Continue the 3-3.2 US dollar range consolidation trend, short-term support of 3 US dollars, shrinking the consolidation trend, beware of the situation of heavy volume.

XRP: The price of 0.27 US dollars fluctuated slightly. The short-term support was near the 4-hour MA60 moving average support.

TRX: The short-term continues to test the support of the 4-hour MA60 moving average ($0.0155), and the risk of falling below is increasing.

ETC: 4 hours level MA60 moving average (4.67 US dollars) near the consolidation trend, if it falls below the risk of attention.

Platform currency: continue to segment the trend, BNB short-term shock in the 16-18 US dollar range, only break through 18 US dollars (MA360 line), there will be a new market; HT short-term pressure level 3.55 US dollars, the daily line level can always be Shrinking state; OKB fluctuated in the range of 2-2.4 US dollars, the daily level faced MA30, MA90 moving average suppression; GT continued to sideways consolidation trend, volume and price shrink, 0.5 US dollars for short-term support.