You can buy Bitcoin in a cardboard box. You can do this simple DIY.

It looks rough – but this carton is the prototype of an ATM machine that can be turned into “Satoshi” (the smallest unit of bitcoin) in a matter of seconds through Bitcoin's expansion scheme Lightning Network.


This machine can recognize up to six currencies. The user can insert the coin into the machine and press the button on the interface to initiate the transaction.

The user then needs to generate a QR code on the smartphone, scan the camera of the machine, generate a lightning network invoice, and convert the money into Bitcoin in the user's Lightning Network Wallet.

The idea is simple, but it's very creative. The inventor behind it is the anonymous Bitcoiner on Twitter, @21isenough, which sparked a wave of his invention at the Bitcoin conference held in Baltic last month. .

In an interview, he said:

"It's important to know that buying Bitcoin doesn't necessarily only buy one, you can also have a small portion of Bitcoin. With this ATM, you can buy Bitcoin for only 2 cents, that is 200 Satoshis (Cong), then you can put it in your Lightning Network Wallet. Lightning Network is a great technology, I want to make it more visual."

The developer, who asked not to be named, said his goal is to make ATM production very simple and anyone can do it.

People are very interested in this on-site ATM machine, which is also considering the production and sale of small-volume Lightning Network ATMs.

“There may be a market in the future: shops on the corner, coffee shops – every small shop – these lightning network ATMs are on the counters. If needed, these machines can be emptied every day or even every hour, the owner can use These coins change because they need coins to receive other customers."

The ATM software runs on the Raspberry Pi. Developers have uploaded the required parts and code to GitHub, but he admits that making this ATM machine "needs a certain amount of technical knowledge."

However, he plans to make improvements so that Xiaobai can also do lightning network ATM. His next step is to make a printed circuit board, which will make it a plug-and-play solution that "is easier to set up for novices."

At the same time, he said that he would be happy to answer various questions on Twitter. He hopes that one day, buying bitcoin is a very simple matter. In the future, people can often "sell a small amount of bitcoin" on these ATMs with change. Will this make him a bitcoin minimalist?