5,200 tobacco stores in France started selling bitcoins again, but this may not be a good thing.

Earlier this year, the Bitcoin exchange voucher program was forced to suspend, and now the French tobacco store has another opportunity to sell bitcoin coupons.

According to local media reports, the plan was restarted on Thursday, allowing 5,200 tobacco stores to sell tickets that can be converted into Bitcoin. This time, Keplerk, which launched the program, no longer sells Ethereum coupons as before.


Keplerk sells vouchers worth 50 euros ($55), 100 euros ($110) and 250 euros ($175) in stores across the country.

The plan was launched in early 2019, but Keplerk had to stop in February.

The company said the decision was made because some users had a delay in redeeming their cryptocurrency. Keilrk CEO Adil Zkhar said: "Some people took up to 8 hours to receive Bitcoin."

Bitcoin transaction confirmation time has decreased since February, but no one can guarantee that this trend can continue. Therefore, once the transaction confirmation time is extended again, it is not surprising that the service is suspended again.

In addition to confirming the time, bitcoin transaction costs are also prohibitively high. However, it has been reported that the cost of this 250 Euro voucher has dropped from 7% to 5.5%, which is more attractive than before. But this is not a good idea.

It should be noted that each coupon will be charged a 7% commission, which will be transferred to Keplerk.

The program was first announced in November last year and was criticized by the Financial Market Authority (AMF) of the French financial regulator.

AMF, Bank of France and PSRA (French Prudential Regulation and Disposal Authority) issued a statement in this bitcoin plan that the purchase, sale and investment of Bitcoin is currently not regulated.

French regulators also rightly point out that buying digital assets from physical stores makes no sense. Anyone can purchase cryptocurrency from the trading platform. Although the transfer fee may be similar, the user does not have to pay an additional 7% commission, and the user can choose to purchase on a compliant platform.