NEM official: Catapult will be launched as a new network instead of hard fork, NEM blockchain N1S1 will continue to run

According to Coinpost, the NEM Catapult Migration Committee posted a FAQ question answering page for the community to answer questions about Catapult. It said, "The new blockchain and token will be born as Catapult, but the existing NEM blockchain N1S1 will continue to operate." As far as the necessity of XEM is concerned, since it is completely different from Catapult, XEM tokens will not be used. The Catapult network will run as a "new network" with new code instead of the so-called "hard fork". In addition, in order to receive Catapult's new currency, the user must manually choose to join their account before Catapult launches. This means that Catapult's tokens are not "airdrops" and XEM holders can get their tokens by joining the Catapult network, with a circulation of 9 billion. Since this is not a token exchange, there is no loss of the existing XEM. Officials will "snapshot" at a specific time when Catapult is launched to record XEM positions and allocate Catapult tokens in a 1:1 ratio. However, the details of the snapshot plan have not yet been determined. Regarding the question of whether it is possible to cancel the on-line XEM after the Catapult token is listed, the official explained that if the transaction volume has not been significantly reduced, there is no reason for the exchange to go offline XEM. XEM and Catapult tokens can be traded as different tokens.