BM: RAM will only be more and more abundant, it is not recommended to hype RAM

On April 17, BM communicated with the community in the EOS telegraph group. In addition to responding to questions about product progress, it also responded to the following questions. 1. When answering how to deal with the extra RAM, BM said that RAM will only be more and more adequate. It is not recommended to hype RAM. If you need it, you can buy it. If you use it, you will sell it. 2. Some members ask, "Why is June 1st? Important?” BM explained that at that time we will uncover what we have been doing and the future direction; 3. Some members asked questions about the public and private chains, BM replied: the public chain is more decentralized, private The chain has auditing capabilities; 4. Some members ask to advise the government on the blockchain regulations? BM: We have already done this.