Coinbase Pro exposure on the currency plan: more practical tokens and securities tokens in the future

On October 14th, David Farmer, head of Coinbase Pro, a well-known US exchange, said that he would see more practical tokens, securities tokens and multiple types of digital asset trading exchanges. At the same time, the Coinbase Custody business launched this year has become the world's largest digital asset custodian with a total custody of $7 billion, of which Bitcoin escrow accounts for 5% of global bitcoin output. Farmer said that although we can't disclose the list of customers, there are already institutions that have begun to enter the market. Coinbase Pro is currently available in 25 tokens and cryptocurrencies. The exchange's on-coin standard is designed to meet both rigorous audits and investor needs, as well as regulators and legislators. Farmer said, "We will see more practical tokens, securities tokens and more kinds of assets. He also revealed that Coinbase will launch more tokens in the future, and the website experience will be upgraded. Adapt to token retrieval and sorting.