Algorand chief scientist Chen Wei: Algorand test network has changed from internal testing to open to the public

On April 17th, the Algorand Global Bank (Hangzhou Station) jointly hosted by Block72 and ChainNode was held on the 6th floor of Xuebo Building of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. Algorand chief scientist Chen Wei introduced Algorand's team background, technical architecture and project route at the event. Chen Wei said that Algorand's encryption lottery mechanism makes the winners of each round unpredictable and random, and has encryption. The Greek function H serves as an alternative random function scheme to guarantee security and fairness in the Algorand system. In terms of user incentives, Chen Hao pointed out that the most important thing for Algorand is to motivate users to join the system, so as long as the user has a stake in the system, they can get the corresponding reward. Finally, she also revealed that the Algorand testnet (testnet) has changed from beta to open to the public on April 16.