V God: The speed of technology development is slower than I expected. Five years ago, I thought we have completed PoS and fragmentation now.

At the Dragonfly Crypto Summit this morning, Ethereum founder V God, Bitland founder Wu Jihan, Coinbase and Paradigm Fund founder Fred Ehrsam held a panel discussion.
According to Ethereum eco developer Lane Rettig, Eitafang founder Vitalik said: Technology is growing at a slower rate than I expected. Five years ago, I thought we had completed PoS and sharding now. Ethereum is the same, but all other projects are also true. We underestimate the importance of the community. Two years ago, I firmly believed that if you built good technology, they would naturally be established. Now, we see that good technology will not appear if you don't invest in the community, otherwise it won't be so good.