The world's three major engine companies, the big troubles of the Westward Journey have come, the world blockchain conference · Wuzhen round table lineup announced

On November 8-9, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference hosted by Babbitt • Wuzhen will be held soon. In the two-day intensive agenda, we arranged 13 exciting round-table forums, and today we will unveil the guest lineup of the game round table.

Zhou Zhifeng President of Molin Group


Founded in 2011, Molin Group is a professional global entertainment content development and distribution company. Zhou Zhifeng is the president of Molin Group. He has decades of experience in the Internet industry. He is the producer of Gu Jianqi Tan 2 and The Westward Journey. He is also an investor in many games, animation and blockchain institutions. "The 3 o'clock founding group" long-term owner, Zhou Zhifeng once said: "China must be the biggest winner of blockchain games."

Chen Yuzhi Cocos-BCX promoter


Chen Yuzhi was named one of the top ten influential figures in China's game industry in 2016. He is the founder of Aika Automotive Network, CEO of Touch Technology, and one of the founding shareholders of Joyo. Cocos, launched by Touch Technology, is one of the top three game engines in the world. The main network of the blockchain project “Cocos-BCX” initiated by Chen Yuzhi has been launched, and has received investment from a number of institutions including NGC, Qian’an and Xiong’an Fund. Chen Yuzhi once said: "Cloud games will be the mainstream form of future games, and blockchain is an indispensable infrastructure."

Niu Fengxuan DAppReview founder


Niu Fengxuan, founder of DappReview, a former BlackRock Quantitative Analyst, manages multi-billion dollar risk quantification strategy design. He is also a heavy game player, participating in the numerical design and consulting work and promotion operations of dozens of game DApps at home and abroad. Niu Fengxuan founded DappReview, the first DApp ecosystem platform in China, to provide DApp data, user insight and market data analysis for industry developers and users. He said: "Only the real head DAPP will make money, and the game is a scene of massive blockchain landing."

Xiao Hua SpiderStore CEO


Xiao Hua, he used to be the technical director of singing, the founder of light sports, and the CTO of Yue Run. After moving from the traditional Internet to the blockchain industry, he founded the SpiderStore, the largest blockchain app store and Dapp game community in China. The team also created the SpiderData data analysis platform and the SpiderDex decentralized game props. Two products in the trading market. Xiao Hua believes: "DApp has the opportunity to prosper into a second Internet world."

The conference has a total of 13 round tables in 6 sub-forums, covering classic topics such as exchanges, mining pools, investment, security, and supervision. It also includes hot topics such as Staking, DeFi, Libra, Web3, 5G, and privacy computing. The mysterious link of the new decade and fireside talks. Everything is ready, just waiting for you.