"US SEC through Bitcoin ETF" is a rumor, suspected to be a fool's day joke

BTC quickly rose on April 2, once breaking through the 5000 USDT mark. The net pass was due to the impact of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the Bitcoin ETF. WeChat group and friends circle appeared a lot about "US SEC has approved Reports and screenshots of the Bitcoin ETF have been forwarded by some industry celebrities. However, according to the investigation, the US SEC official news bulletin platform and official Twitter have no relevant news. It is understood that this report is reported by foreign media Finance Magnates on April 1st, saying that the US SEC unexpectedly announced the approval of the listing of two Bitcoin ETFs. At the beginning of next month, Bitwise Asset Management and investment management company VanEck will officially issue bitcoin. ETF. However, the SEC Twitter screenshot attached to the article is followed by a Youtube music video, and the end of the report said: "So far, US SEC Chairman Jay Clayton himself has been silent on this matter, only said four people Shocked words: Happy April Fool's Day."