Observing | Creating a “blockchain + digital city” China sample: How is the “chain city” bottom?

When the development of blockchains in many first- and second-tier cities is still “going to the stone”, a fourth-tier city in the central region has sprung up.

On September 20th, the Loudi Municipal Government of Hunan Province held a cooperation signing ceremony with Hangzhou Fun Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fun Chain Technology”). This is a blockchain enterprise that has been attracted to the “Bottom Mode” after the gold stock chain and the German side chain.

“In fact, the development of the blockchain in fact is not an advantage for talents and funds. How to solve this problem, we will first open the application scenario, from industrial and commercial registration, real estate registration to supply chain finance, etc., and do a project to create a 'bottom sample'. ', and then gradually solve the problems in the process of policy, talents, capital and industrial development." Su Shi, vice chairman of the Loudi City People's Political Consultative Conference, said in an interview with the pulse of the chain that, unlike other cities' support policies, the development of the blockchain in Loudi City Industry, giving priority to enterprises to open application scenarios, data and platforms.

Although this kind of policy support is not as strong as the ones in the first and second tier cities, it has solved the painful situation that most of the current blockchain enterprise scenarios are difficult to develop and the application landing is difficult. After all, the data on all aspects of major cities, especially government data, are monopolized and relatively closed. Many local governments want to open up but they are not open.

However, Loudi has set a national precedent, which is enough to witness the determination of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to vigorously develop the blockchain industry.

In fact, open scenes, data and platforms are only the tip of the iceberg. The sudden emergence of the blockchain industry in Loudi City is essentially a demonstration of a new model of top-down blockchain industry development led by the government.

Recently, Mutual Chain Pulse was invited to participate in the Loudi City Block Chain Industry Development Symposium. With this “Bottom of the Bottom”, the inter-chain pulse interviewed the relevant leaders of Loudi City and the enterprises in the blockchain industrial park in the area. Promote the development of the blockchain industry.

The city's leading team "strategic" 娄 bottom sword refers to the blockchain digital city

Different from other first- and second-tier cities, the bottom of the pillar industry, with coal and steel as the pillar industries, has originated from the top-down promotion of local governments in the path of developing blockchain industry.

“The initial focus of the development of the blockchain industry in Loudi is mainly from three aspects. First, Loudi City is a resource-exhausted city. The use of blockchain development opportunities will help to implement industrial transformation. Second, in the early years, Loudi’s private financing was defeated. The urban credit system, the blockchain helps us to restore urban credit and reshape the image of the Loudi city. The third is to increase investment promotion, optimize the business environment, and need to implement the policy of escrow service creatively.旻 On the inter-chain pulse, as early as the end of 2016, Loudi City began to pay attention to blockchain technology. In 2017, we started to carry out in-depth research and research work on the blockchain industry. In January 2018, at the Loudi CPPCC. Officially proposed at the plenary session, Li Dianguo, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, immediately indicated that “the development of applied blockchain technology is worth exploring and promoting” and asked Wanbao New District to take the lead.

In order to promote the in-depth development of the blockchain industry, the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have also set up a leading group for the promotion and application of the National Level Blockchain Research and Application Zone in Loudi City, and the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yang Yuwen as the team leader and deputy mayor. He Feng, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Su Shi as deputy leader, Wanbao New District provided 2000 square meters of fine decoration space at the Loudi High-speed Railway South Station Plaza Complex, as the first phase of the Loudi Blockchain Industrial Park, and launched the project docking and investment Inviting investment work.

The Loudi Blockchain promoted the leadership team to promote the work and promote the work quickly.

In May 2018, Loudi Block Chain Industrial Park was officially opened in Wanbao New District, Beijing Golden Stock Chain Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Smart Government Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Smart Government"), Hunan Borui Chain Ten companies including Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially settled. Soon, the blockchain industrial and commercial registration platform was officially launched, which is the first application scenario of Loudi in the field of blockchain government services. In 2018, the number of enterprises registered through the platform reached 162, and the tax paid was 25 million yuan.

In November of the same year, the Loudi City Real Estate Blockchain Information Sharing Platform, which was built by Hunan Smart Government, was officially launched, and the country's first blockchain real estate electronic certificate was issued.

“In terms of promoting the application of blockchain, we adopt a project-based approach, from industrial and commercial registration, real estate registration, small and medium-sized enterprise financing platforms, etc., one project to one project, and the government to provide scenarios, data and platforms. The inter-chain pulse indicates that as the blockchain application landing project gradually increases, and finally integrates on one platform to form an ecology, then the entire bottom becomes a digital city based on the blockchain.

The firm determination of the Loudi Municipal Government to develop the blockchain industry and the rapid landing of blockchain government applications such as industrial and commercial registration and real estate registration have also attracted more and more first-tier urban blockchain enterprises.

“The strong support of local government leaders is very crucial. The key to success of the project is not technology. Because technology can be solved, the reason why we are very important is that we feel strong support from local leaders, understand the blockchain, and they Data is also provided as a support, plus our technology, there are many scenes we can do together.” Defang Zhizhi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Delfang Zhilian Chain” just signed in the Wanbao New District Blockchain Industrial Park ") Zhu Weiwen, co-founder and chief technology officer, told the chain of interlinkage that our blockchain project is developing very fast and will soon land at the bottom.

"We only came into contact with Loudi in May this year. At that time, we didn't talk for a long time, but let us see the determination of Loudi to build a 'chain city' and use blockchain technology to explore and solve urban credit problems. It is a good breakthrough. It has universal significance.” Yin Keting, the founder and vice president of the chain technology company, who just signed a contract with the Loudi Municipal Government, said to the chain of the chain that Loudi’s leadership development blockchain is strongly determined that they can compare on this road. Far, so we are willing to come to the bottom.

Yin Keting also pointed out that, unlike other companies, Fun Chain Technology will provide a unified urban-level blockchain base platform for Loudi, and open to all partners who are willing to participate in the construction of “chain city” to jointly create demonstration applications and promote the district. The blockchain industry is ecologically formed.

" Bottom mode" edge shows multiple application scenarios landing soon

The determination of the leaders of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government to build a “chain city” has allowed many blockchain companies to enter the “reassuring”, but ultimately they are attracted to these third-tier cities. The development of blockchain industry and a new model for amplifying market size.

“The development of blockchain industry needs to share and participate in many parties. The Loudi municipal government will open up data and provide scenarios and platforms. Blockchain enterprises will provide professional technology, talents and solutions, first find product requirements, then develop application scenarios and jointly develop. Blockchain application products, form a business model, and then quickly replicate in other cities, this is our development model." Deputy Director of the Loudi Blockchain Leading Group Office, Loudi City State-owned Capital Investment and Operation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the bottom country" Xie Wei, general manager of the company, introduced the pulse of the chain. At present, in the real estate registration, business registration, etc., the “sample” of the bottom has been initially formed. Next, we are looking for suitable partners to quickly promote the country.

“At present, we have realized the real-time and credible sharing of data with real estate as the core in multiple departments, which has greatly improved the efficiency of business collaboration between departments. Since its launch on November 13, 2018, The city's 150,000 households and 350,000 sets of real estate have been registered on the winding chain. All new real estate registrations have been real-time. The real estate information sharing service has been provided for the courts, provident fund centers and banks. The masses can directly handle the real estate mortgage registration business in the bank. The settlement time has been shortened from 5 working days to less than 6 hours. Data sharing is being carried out for the discipline inspection commission, industry and commerce, civil affairs, water, electricity, gas, intermediaries and other departments. The blockchain electronic voucher is fully implemented during the year to realize the inter-bank government inter-agency With the electronic voucher circulation, it is no longer filed and handed over in paper form." Yang Yong, deputy general manager of Hunan Smart Government, said in an interview with the pulse of the chain.

Yang Yong further introduced that digital government affairs has become a development trend. The platform created by Hunan Smart Government has a strong “replication” and can be extended to other cities quickly and at low cost, which is not only cheaper but also more efficient. "Based on the alliance chain, new government departments and organizations can easily access and decrypt the corresponding information only by obtaining authorization for data use, and no longer need to separately develop peer-to-peer interfaces with the data management unit. It is conducive to the management of multi-level data, facilitating the deployment of cross-level and cross-regional integration. In the future, we can greatly reduce the cost of government data informatization transformation or the problem of repeated construction."

In addition to the real estate blockchain information sharing platform, the data integrated service platform and unified identity authentication platform built by Fun Chain Technology will also be launched at the bottom, and the two will constitute the credit infrastructure for the construction of digital cities.

"From the perspective of the government, the departments of industry and commerce, tax bureaus and other departments originally had a lot of data, but due to powers and responsibilities, privacy and other reasons, the phenomenon of "data islands" is widespread. Now we can solve the problem of data determination by using blockchain technology. And the new generation of blockchain products developed by the interesting chain can also realize the data 'invisible', thus protecting data privacy. Under the premise of legal compliance, enterprises participate in the development of government data, and obtain reasonable division according to inputs, to the maximum extent. Exploring the value of data and making the blockchain a new engine of the digital economy. Yin Ke, the founder and vice president of Fun Chain Technology, said to the chain of the chain that the government can generate very good economic benefits, government services and social governance. Great value.

“In fact, the data integration service platform solves the problem of enterprise data fusion, while the unified identity authentication solves the problem of personal data fusion. These two platforms are based on the fun-chain urban-level low-level blockchain base platform. Together, they constitute the urban credit infrastructure of Loudi, which provides support for the upper-level application. It is the key to the “bottom model.” For example, the data of the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Taxation Bureau, and the Finance Bureau will be able to give a good credit picture of a company. Draw it out.” Yin Keting said that urban credit infrastructure is a common support platform. Any scenario that reshapes urban credit can be based on this platform. For example, in the field of medical insurance, urban credit infrastructure can provide support for fund supervision and medical information exchange; In the field of government bidding, you can manage black credit qualifications and blacklist enterprises.

Supply chain finance is another big application scenario that will soon be at the bottom of the road after the wisdom of government affairs. Inter-Chain Pulse has learned that the German-oriented chain and the Bubi blockchain, which are focused on supply chain financial solutions, will soon enter the Loudi blockchain industrial park to jointly explore the construction of the Loudi financial industry ecosystem.

“SME financing is difficult for financing. It is a big problem. How to let enterprises find the right funds, and how to let banks find high-quality enterprises. There is actually a big contradiction because there are not so many banks themselves. The information of small and medium-sized enterprises, while the banks do not have enough resources to serve so many small and medium-sized enterprises, the financial data comprehensive service platform we developed is to solve these two difficulties.” Zhu Weiwen said to the chain of the chain, there are many Small and medium-sized enterprises have very good application scenarios. The German side chain will use the blockchain and other technologies as the data for the SMEs to improve the financing efficiency, reduce financing costs and financing risks for banks and financial institutions.

Zhu Weiwen further stated that Loudi is only a starting point. After setting a benchmark at the bottom, the financial data comprehensive service platform can be quickly replicated in other cities.

"In addition to smart government and supply chain finance, Loudi will also build a new generation of bidding application platform, food and drug safety application platform, off-site equity registration circulation, blockchain medical insurance one-stop platform and other blockchain business. Application scenarios.” Vice President Su Shi told the inter-chain pulse that Loudi has cultivated fertile soil for the application of blockchain technology. With more and more application projects, the development of the blockchain industry will be grown by a tree. For a forest, we will do our utmost to build Loudi City into a veritable “chain city” in the shortest possible time.

Text | Mutual Chain Pulse · Liang Shan Hua Rong