The Libra Association will hold its first board meeting with up to 1,500 participating entities

According to Reuters, Facebook's Libra digital currency project will welcome a key supporter meeting this week, where members will review the charter and appoint a board of directors.

A few days ago, MasterCard, Visa, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago announced their withdrawal from the Libra Association, and the Libra project was severely hit.


Politicians and regulators from the United States and Europe have stated that Libra may disrupt global financial stability, harm user privacy, and facilitate money laundering.

It is reported that PayPal, the payment giant, was the first to announce its withdrawal from the Libra Association earlier this month. At present, Facebook has lost the support of large payment companies, and its goal is to launch its Libra project in June 2020.

The Libra project leader said this month that they will provide more details after the supporters' meeting, which involved 1,500 entities that showed great interest in the Libra project.

According to the Wall Street Journal report this month, the Libra meeting will be held in Geneva on October 14th, and members will review the charter and appoint a board of directors at the meeting.

A spokesperson for the Libra Association did not immediately respond to questions about the association's meeting.

Last month, France promised to stop Libra from doing business in Europe, the Bank of England said it would set the necessary high threshold before Libra launched, and US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell also hinted that the Libra project will not be able to advance before addressing concerns. .