Media: Zhao Changpeng congratulated NKN on the line of currency security and subsequently deleted the relevant tweets, "coin security effect" may be suspected of pulling the plate

According to BeInCrypto, Zhao Changpeng today congratulated NKN on winning the first PK tournament in the currency community, and reminded users of rational consumption, and could not pursue the “Binance Effect”. Because time will make powerful projects prove their strength. However, according to the Twitter account @CryptoDeleted, this tweet was deleted after 12 minutes of release. According to the analysis, Zhao Changpeng’s move was suspected of pulling the cryptocurrency on the platform, and the “coin security effect” also raised doubts. So why this tweet was deleted 12 minutes after it was released. However, NKN did show the boost of the “coin security effect”: Twitter user Beastlorion pointed out that it seems that some major players bought NKN/BTC, which caused NKN to rise from 0.0000036 to 0.00000721 ​​in a short period of time, an increase of 90.74%. Then stabilized at around 0.000005. This can not help but make people wonder if there are some more powerful forces in controlling their prices, not just some big ones want to buy accumulation.