Analysis: BTC interval fluctuation amplification, futures market long scale reduction

BFX.NU research members said today that BTC's fluctuation range in the evening is constantly expanding, and the relevant oscillators also suggest selling recommendations. As a result, the long-term spillovers in the futures market have decreased from the daytime, about 10.67%. Among them, the OMG contract was the biggest drop, and the shortest return is expected to be about 47.4%. In the mainstream currency futures sector, XMR, QTUM, ALGO and other 10 contracts are short-term Masukura, while ETH, ADA, ATOM and other 9 contracts show short-term lightening trend; platform currency futures, BNB, HT, OKB contracts are short-lived Masukura status, where the HT contract short-selling is most obvious, while the OKB contract has a small amount of short-selling signs.