Report: Lawbreakers began to use altcoins such as Litecoin instead of Bitcoin as a ransom for extortion

According to Cointelegraph, a new study shows that Litecoin and other cottage cryptocurrencies are used more and more in "camera blackmail" cases, and these tokens may allow criminals to hide themselves better. According to a new report released by network security company Cofense on October 8, these malicious actors are gradually shifting their attention from Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies to avoid being detected by specialized email filters. According to the report, people who implement "camera ransomware" often claim that they have installed some sort of spy malware on potential victim devices and have access to allegedly detracting from browsing history and online video. In the past, these people usually required bitcoin to pay ransom and threatened to disclose destructive information to the victim's family, friends and colleagues. According to the report, these malicious actors can often get the recipient's email from the password leak list, and these lists sometimes contain passwords.