The SEC suspended the TON project by relying on information shared by investors.

In order to prove that the termination of the Telegram blockchain project TON is justified, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) relies heavily on information obtained from investors. Yakov Barinsky, CEO of HASH CIB, an investment bank focused on cryptocurrency, said the SEC contacted TON's US investors in September to ask about the way they traded, what information TON shared, what documents were distributed, and whether there were any Missing information. It is reported that Barinsky representatives invested in TON's US and Russian customers, but he declined to disclose the customer's name. The SEC quoted in the lawsuit that in order to attract investors, Telegram added to an investor about its "engineering team" and "return on investment may be 0-50 times." In this regard, CoinDesk analysis said that the SEC used the details shared by the investor to support its conclusion that issuing TON is illegal.