16 Nobel Prize winners focus on blockchain: 7 are involved in specific projects, 14 have won Nobel Prize in Economics

According to the inter-chain pulse statistics, from the 1990s to 2019, a total of 57 scholars won the Nobel Prize in economics, 14 of whom participated in the blockchain project, or published related blockchains, bits. The view of the currency accounted for nearly a quarter (24.56%) of the total. Among them, seven Nobel laureates in economics such as Christopher Pizarides (2010 winner) and Eric Maskin (2007 winner) joined the blockchain project as project consultants; Many economics winners such as Joseph Stiglitz (winning in 2001) and Richard Seiler (winning in 2017) have expressed their views on Bitcoin and expressed their optimism about blockchain technology. stand by. In addition to the Nobel laureate in economics, two physics winners are actively exploring the blockchain, and Sheldon Glaschau (a 1979 winner) participated in the blockchain project; George Smoot (2006) Years of awards) I mentioned blockchain technology in my speech. There have been statistics before, and now three Turing Award winners have participated in three blockchain public chain projects.