Behind the blockchain summit of Shen Nanpeng and Wang Xing, there is a “capital giant crocodile” sitting on a $100 million

On October 14th, a picture on the Dragonfly Capital (Beijing) summit was successfully screened, Ethereum V God, Meituan Wang Xing, Ceyuan Venture Capital Feng Bo, Sequoia Capital Shen Nanpeng four big 佬 "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter The dress and the playing field caused a lot of attention.

It is worth noting that there are many well-known figures in the traditional financial circle and the Internet circle at the summit, such as Wang Xing, who rarely participated in the blockchain type summit. The last time he publicly mentioned the topic related to the blockchain is June this year. Wang Xing commented on the Facebook Libra project, saying that Facebook's strategy to promote Libra is clear, which may indicate its strong interest in the blockchain industry.

Among the Chinese Internet companies, the US Mission is one of the few Internet companies that do not have a blockchain. The emergence of Wang Xing has made people think about it. Is the US Mission accepting digital currency payments? The blockchain layout of the US Mission in 2025.

In addition, the Dragonfly Capital Summit has gathered blockchain project parties as well as celebrities in many industries such as mining, chain, exchange, internet, traditional finance, etc. In addition to the above four, there are also Bitumin Wu Jihan and OKCoin. Xu Mingxing, Huo Lin Li Lin, everyone founder Zhao Dong, Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, former Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam.

They will focus on topics such as “exchange structure”, “investment trend” and “decentralized financial infrastructure” in the field of blockchain.

The grand lineup of this summit, the gathering of celebrities from various fields is very rare in the past blockchain or cryptocurrency summit, which makes this summit very high-end atmosphere and very mysterious.

Interestingly, the heavyweight guests and project parties at the conference seem to have some mysterious connection with Dragonfly Capital. The summit guest/blockchain project is based on the blockchain cloud computing platform Oasis Labs, the asset trading platform, the people bit, the district. The blockchain encryption protocol Coda, the star project Cosmos, and the decentralized lending platform Compound are all projects in the Dragonfly Capital portfolio.

In addition, OKEx Xu Star, Fire Coin Li Lin, Sequoia Capital Shen Nanpeng, Meituan Wang Xing, etc. are likely to be Dragonfly Capital LP (Limited Partner, the investor), because the summit agenda includes Dragonfly Capital LP /GP (general partner) meeting.

Although the big players at the conference have earned their eyeballs, the behind-the-scenes organizer cryptocurrency fund Dragonfly Capital Partners (蜻蜓 Capital) is the invisible capital giant in the cryptocurrency industry, lurking inside the industry. Sitting on key resources outside the industry, there is a big investment in the game. The multiple encryption companies in the above chart are listed in Dragonfly Capital's portfolio, and multiple heavyweight guests in the chart are investors in the fund.

Recently, 蜻蜓 Capital has raised $100 million for its first fund to invest in cryptocurrency startups. 蜻蜓Capital may have the same potential as gray-scale investment, such as Galaxy Digital and other well-known cryptocurrency investment companies.

"Invisible" capital crocodile: the ambition of revealing the domestic Internet amnesty

Compared with cryptocurrency investment funds such as grayscale investment, Galaxy Digital, and a16z, 蜻蜓 capital is not a big name as a new face in the industry. However, the capital's investment layout and capital strength are no less than the head cryptocurrency fund.

The fund was founded by managing partners Alexander Pack and Feng Bo. Pack is a young cryptocurrency venture capitalist in Silicon Valley who has managed cryptocurrency and fund investments for Bain Capital Ventures, and Feng Bo has a veteran venture capitalist with more than 20 years of experience. Founding partner of Source Ventures.

In addition, the team's core members include partners in MetaStable Capital, a crypto-investment institution that invests in investments such as Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, and partners in Amber Group, one of the world's major financial groups.

Recently, 蜻蜓 Capital has raised $100 million for its first fund to invest in cryptocurrency start-ups, while in the cryptocurrency fund circle, there are few funds with hundreds of millions of capital.

According to Forbes, the first fund of 蜻蜓 Capital attracted many top Internet tycoons and investors, including top Internet giants and investors in Asia, such as Shen Nanpeng, CEO of Sequoia China, and one of the founders of Baidu. Xu Yong, founding partner of Zhenge Fund, Xu Xiaoping, founder of public opinion Zhang Tao, founder of Huaxing Capital Bao Fan, Meitu Chairman Cai Wensheng, Yilong Travel Network and Xiaoying Technology founder Tang Yue, Alibaba United States General Manager Xu Jie and Qiming Venture Partners Gan Jianping.

Previously, there was little news about the Internet giants such as Meitu, Public Comment, and eLong, and the Internet and financial giants have begun to consider the investment of cryptocurrency.

OKEx, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the mining giant Bits Continental is also an investor in 蜻蜓 Capital. In addition, it also attracted top US investors including Salil Deshpande, a partner of traditional asset management company Bain Capital, and Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the well-known cryptocurrency fund A16Z.

In addition, 蜻蜓 Capital has invested approximately US$20 million in more than 20 cryptocurrency startups and funds, including the star project Cosmos, the decentralized lending platform Compound, the crypto-derivative supplier ErisX, and the crypto asset trading platform. Basis, a stable currency project, includes agreements such as Spacemesh and Oasis Labs, as well as well-known projects such as MetaStable Capital.

According to Forbes, in the future, 蜻蜓 Capital will invest in three types of assets: cryptocurrency funds that are expected to become the head of the industry; agreements and applications that will become the basis of the decentralized economy; build bridges between the centered and decentralized worlds Premium encryption startups.

In addition, Asia is likely to become a key investment area for 蜻蜓 Capital, and the fund's founder, Alexander Pack, hopes that Asia will continue to be one of the most important markets for cryptocurrency applications, especially financial applications. Pack said that they designed the fund's (investment) structure to operate "unconstrained" without any restrictions on which particular company or currency to support.