Market analysis: market response to news tends to passivate

I found that this person is really a super-like singer. I was screened by the Internet and the photo of V God yesterday. Many people started to lick the future of cryptocurrency, but it may not be as we imagined. That way, just like the big one in the blockchain of the year, now you look back and see if it is at the highest point. I don’t know if it’s a big level or something else. Anyway, our retail investors are If you don't find it cheap, you can only believe in yourself in the market. Anyone else may be your potential opponent, so don't pay too much attention to these imaginary things. If you meet someone, you must do something together. not necessarily.


BTC is still dominated by sideways volatility, the volume does not match, the 5-week line is moving down quickly, forming a certain pressure on the price of the currency, and the macd indicator is also rapidly diverging downward after the death fork, no matter which side Seeing that the target does not have the expectation of a sharp rebound, it is still oscillating near the lower shadow line. The long and short sides have not yet scored a victory. It may be a symmetrical figure. If the target is back to the 5th week and 5 weeks. The conclusion that the line is head-turning is not established. The personal operation is still waiting mainly. In this place, we are not in a hurry to enter the market. We can wait and see. The shrinking volume is not good for the bulls. If the individual tends to win, the probability of winning shorts is higher than that. long.


ETH is still near the 5-week line. It is now a 5-week line on the contraction station. It may not be able to stand still. The weekly-level moving average system basically shows a short arrangement. The unstable BTC trend also restricts the influx of the ultra-chassis. It is basically consistent with the previous judgment. The current volume cannot continue to support the substantial rebound of the target. At present, the target is less likely to take the independent market. The probability is to follow the market. Personally, it is considered to be against the negative line on September 24. It has basically ended, and will continue to look for the bottom support, and I personally look at the target is relatively empty, I think the target may be new low, I suggest you pay more attention to the BTC and platform currency varieties, one popular, one potential The performance support, of course, is only my personal opinion, pay attention to risk.

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