The data shows that the battle for the public chain is temporarily behind Ethereum, and the competitive situation may reverse at the end of the year.

On April 17, the third-party big data platform RatingToken combined with RatingDapp, from the Dapp, technology, community and other seven dimensions to compare the three major public chains 2019Q1 status: 1, Dapp ecological performance: EOS> Tron> ETH; 2, technical strength: ETH>EOS>Tron; 3. Market performance: EOS>ETH >Tron; 4. Community active: Tron>EOS>ETH. RatingToken analysts believe that for the public chain, to win in a highly competitive environment, not only need technological innovation, but also capital, marketing and other aspects of investment, the current public chain has a long way to go, the future Can be expected.