The ant blockchain is next to the city, helping the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance to open the country's first blockchain electronic bill

In the era of digital economy, in order to let the people "run at most once," more and more government departments began to embrace new technologies. The reporter learned today from Ant Financial that Alipay's blockchain technology has added new scenes. Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance opened the country's first blockchain electronic bill.


The reporter noticed that this blockchain electronic bill was issued on September 25 this year. It comes from the school charging scene. There is a QR code at the top right of the bill. After scanning, it is the only “ID card” to ensure its authenticity. . In the future, in addition to school fees, Yunnan Province will also drop regional block electronic bills in many livelihood services such as medical care, education, public welfare funds, penalties and parking.

According to the relevant person in the ant blockchain, compared with paper bills, electronic bills have made some progress in retaining, but for individuals, ordinary electronic bills are stored in various terminals, some in text messages, and some in text messages. In the mail, there are still some in the app, there is no way to manage it well. At the same time, even for electronic bills, there is still a need to verify the authenticity when printing reimbursement. There is no good way for the enterprise to directly Get the authenticity from the ticket face.

With the application of blockchain technology, the above problems have been solved. In a chain, you can access a large number of invoicing units including hospitals, schools, traffic police, courts, etc., and can also access a series of ticketing units such as medical insurance, enterprises, and commercial insurance. At the same time, blockchain electronic bills are stamped in the whole process from generation, transmission, storage to use. The whole process can be traced and cannot be tampered, which ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of the bills and avoids the repeated use of bills.

The reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance that from the beginning of 2020, Yunnan will further expand the application scope of blockchain financial electronic bills in the province. By the end of 2022, the financial departments and receiving units at all levels in the province will complete the blockchain. Reform of the new model of financial electronic bill management. Realize the goal of “more information, more people running less, errands”, “saving money to improve performance”, and “saving the efficiency of the unit”.

Alipay was the first company to explore the application of blockchain technology to digital government industries such as finance and taxation. In December last year, the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Taxation Bureau handed over the Alipay and Ant blockchains and upgraded the country's first blockchain electronic invoicing platform “tax chain”. In June of this year, the Zhejiang blockchain electronic bill platform was launched, and the blockchain technical support provided by Alipay was also adopted. As of August 2019, Alipay's blockchain technology has reached more than 40 application scenarios, including product traceability, public welfare traceability, cross-border remittance, supply chain finance and electronic bills, and has been integrated with multiple industries.

(Source: Ant Financial)