BM proposes to create pledge pools of different lengths of time

BM announced this year that the EOS blockchain governance proposal proposes to create six pledge pools of different lengths of time, and details the operation mechanism of the pledge pool:
The 1.6 pools are 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. In a network with a token supply of 1 billion, each pool is 5 million per year, released on a minute-by-minute basis (assuming the network is running at 100% reliability).
2. The user can only withdraw a maximum amount of funds from the pledge pool per week.
3. The token in the pledge pool is taken from the "resources" pool, so it cannot be lent to REX, which will increase the bandwidth of the single token of all tokens in REX.
4. As long as your token is still in a pledge pool, you will get a compound interest proportional to the total amount of each pledge pool.
5.Token can be transferred from a short-term pledge pool to a long-term pledge pool without any delay. So you can convert all your tokens in the 3-month pool to a 10-year pool at any time; however, you can't switch the token from a 10-year pool to a short-term pledge pool, except at 0.2% per week.