Legal Daily: Blockchain deposits open data trust "last mile"

"Legal Daily" published a commentary article "The Blockchain Deposit Certificate Opens the Data Trust "The Last Kilometer". The article mentioned that at the 2019 China Blockchain Technology Conference held recently, a number of participating experts and industry representatives suggested that with the popularization of electronic litigation platforms, online trials of future cases will become the norm, and the use of blockchain technology can be effective. Improve the efficiency of electronic evidence transfer and improve the efficiency of online judicial trial activities.
The article stated that it is generally believed that whether electronic data can become electronic evidence must meet the three-dimensional requirements of evidence, namely authenticity, relevance, and legitimacy. Blockchain deposits use distributed storage and attach a tamper-proof check mechanism to enable electronic evidence to be stored securely from the original storage medium, ensuring the authenticity of the electronic evidence carrier. In the standard case of "preferred evidence" (such as in civil cases), the information contained in the electronic evidence can prove certain legal facts, especially the proof of the party's meaning and legal behavior. The related technologies of blockchain technology have also partially improved the relevance and legitimacy of electronic data. Blockchain is a transcribed, traceable, and shared distributed ledger technology. The application of blockchain technology in the judicial field can solve the problem of electronic data being falsified in the past, guarantee the authenticity of electronic data, realize the transformation of "electronic data to electronic evidence", improve the acceptance rate of electronic evidence, and thus improve the trial efficiency of the court. .