TON Private Equity Investor: This investment may not receive a refund

According to TON's private equityists, the TON team has contacted private investors and is still considering whether to continue to fight the SEC or accept a refund. The worst case is that your investment won't receive a refund. There have been private investors and TON ditch, investors have introduced the SEC related people and the TON team to understand, so that the SEC can extend the deadline, give TON enough time to prepare materials.
According to previous reports, October 31 is the deadline for TON. If no tokens are issued before October 31, then TON will be refunded for investors according to regulations. Private investors also talked about the three possibilities of this investment: 1. Help TON contact SEC, try to get SEC and TON to properly resolve disputes; 2. Negotiate with TON, receive investment refund; 3. Worst case is The SEC does not want to properly solve it with TON. TON is not willing to refund, and the cost of filing a lawsuit against TON is very expensive. Then it can only be used as a sunk cost.