The blockchain can be efficient, and the Jinan Free Trade Zone will attract 1070 new registered companies in 38 days.

On September 5th, the Jinan Area Comprehensive Service Center of Shandong Free Trade Zone was inaugurated. As of 5 pm on October 12, the number of newly registered enterprises in the Jinan Area Comprehensive Service Center of the Pilot Free Trade Zone reached 1,070. The administrative services of the Jinan area of ​​the Pilot Free Trade Zone explore the use of blockchain technology to establish an enterprise digital asset security and trustworthy circulation and government collaboration service platform, and create a digital asset management and application model based on blockchain technology; innovative data sharing model and government affairs Service model, implement approval and compression and process reengineering, solve cross-departmental and cross-system problems of digital licenses, and create a platform for “enterprise start-up” based on blockchain technology, and quickly complete the business license, seal registration and engraving of newly opened enterprises. Business matters such as social security registration and bank pre-opening.