Nestlé and Carrefour announce that consumers can access product data via blockchain

According to foreign media reports, Swiss food giant Nestlé and French retailer Carrefour have now allowed consumers to access product data through IBM's Food Trust platform.


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The two companies jointly announced on Monday that consumers can scan the QR code on the package and track the instant mashed Mousline product line from the Nestlé factory to Carrefour.

This service provides product manufacturing date and quality control parameters as well as storage time and warehouse location. Consumers can even find farmers who supply potatoes and how to make mashed potatoes.

According to the announcement, this news marks the first time Nestlé has used the blockchain platform to share data with customers.

Vineet Khanna, senior vice president and global supply chain director at Nestlé, said:

“We are using [blockchain] technology to bring greater transparency to our products by providing accurate, credible and fair information. This will benefit the entire value chain, including retailers and consumers.”

Nestlé and Carrefour said the new service will be tested with the Mousline product in the coming months to "help understand the impact and scalability of the technology and provide a basis for further development."

Nestlé has been focusing on the use of blockchain technology since joining the IBM Food Trust as a founding member in 2017. Carrefour joined the platform last October.

Emmanuel Delerm, head of the Carrefour blockchain project, told CoinDesk that the company had been working on its blockchain for more than a year before using IBM's platform, mainly using an internal engineering team.

Last week, Albertsons Companies, the world's second-largest supermarket company by sales, also became a member of Food Trust, which plans to pilot suppliers of long-leaf lettuce. Last year, E. coli broke out on a large scale and was related to romaine lettuce.

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