Media: The “blockchain scam” has been repeatedly investigated and investigated by the regulatory investigation. This time it has been officially opened.

According to the official website of the Changsha Municipal People's Government, the Economic Development Zone of Changsha City clearly responded in the citizen's mailbox on September 17 that the “Footstep” company and the “Family Steps” project were suspected of online pyramid schemes, illegal fundraising, and financial fraud. The Economic and Trade Bureau of Changsha City has opened a case investigation. And in the reply on October 14, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau said that the Changsha Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce had previously replied to the “Investigation of the Case” for the company, and the relevant investigations need to go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for enquiries. Previously, Hunan Funstep Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fun Step”) has been exposed by many parties as a “scam block chain scam” scam and pyramid scheme fund. According to the previous news of the Odaily Planet Daily, in the August 13th citizen's mailbox, the reply was that the interest step "has been investigated" (the content of the inquiry letter is currently unavailable), after the inquiry letter on August 29 In the reply, I just mentioned that “the company has moved out of our district in June, and it is recommended that the caller directly call Chongqing 12315 to handle the complaint”, but there is no more information related to the survey results. Following this report, the citizen's mailbox of the official website of the Changsha Municipal People's Government has added 13 new citizen enquiries regarding “Interesting is MLM”, “Is it legal” and “Is it a case investigation”, except 4 The three enquiry letters on the 18th and August 13th have been unable to display. At present, the total number of enquiries about the “Fun Steps” has reached 18, and the latest inquiry letter is dated October 14.