Luo Mei: Blockchain invoices are very important to the government, enterprises and individuals.

In the sharing session of the 50th decoding blockchain, Luo Mei, a professor at the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University and director of the Digital Financial Assets Research Center, shared the importance of the blockchain electronic invoice. Luo Mei said that the blockchain invoice It is very important for the government, enterprises, and individuals. For the government, it can grasp a large amount of data in a timely and accurate manner, and it can analyze the data. For the enterprise, it also saves costs, and it Mastering the data related to many production and business units, there is also a timely and accurate understanding. So for individuals, many people are not really used to invoicing, but with the blockchain electronic invoice, because of its binding with WeChat, it is easy to open an invoice, then for the enterprise, for the enterprise The tax return process of the enterprise and the auxiliary role in the tax return process for individuals and enterprises are obvious. Because many individuals, when they do not have invoices, the tax returns of enterprises are actually underreported, so I think this block Invoices have a very big role for the government, enterprises and individuals.