The cryptocurrency analyst said that Litecoin was a scam, and Liteco’s founder Li Qiwei refuted

According to CoinGape, cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays commented on Twitter today that the Litecoin, unlike Bitcoin, does not bring anything new. The article in the screenshot mentions that Bitcoin is a technological innovation, while other bitcoins such as Litecoin only retain the bitcoin's "pump and dump" nature. In this regard, Litecoin founder Li Qiwei retorted that all these assumptions are based on the fact that Litecoin is not a viable currency. However, Litecoin’s transaction volume has reached $500 billion in the past eight years, and the scam is hard to say. He then gave an interesting analogy – if someone drinks Pepsi, it is not as good as Coca-Cola, but this does not make Pepsi a scam. His implication is that even if people think that Bitcoin is better than Litecoin, it can't be said that Litecoin is a scam.