Grayscale Q3 Report: Investment inflows exceeded $250 million this quarter, up twice from the previous quarter

Grayscale (Grayscale) released its third quarterly report for 2019 on official Twitter, calling it a record-breaking quarter. The report shows that although the price of digital asset markets across its entire product line has recently declined, its investment inflows have tripled from the previous quarter – from $84.8 million to $254.9 million. The chart shows that since its inception, the dollar-denominated funds flowing into the quarter have accounted for nearly 27% of the total inflow of grayscale products. Grayscale has raised $254.9 million over the past three months, and the average weekly investment for all products for the quarter was $19.6 million. In addition, 67% of the funds flowed into the Bitcoin Trust this quarter, and 33% went into grayscale products other than the Bitcoin Trust. This is more balanced than in the past 12 months.