Core Motion releases Grin G32 mining machine parameters, expected to be delivered in August

On April 17, Core Dynamics officially announced the parameters of the G32 mining machine. The G32 mining machine is a mining machine for the Grin currency. There are three models: G32-Mini, G32-500 and G32-1800. Among them, G32-Mini model, 21.5GPS (±5%) under CC31 algorithm, 4.5GPS (±5%) under CC32 algorithm, power consumption 140W (±10%); G32-500 model, CC31 algorithm The next calculation is 100GPS (±5%), the CC32 algorithm is 20GPS (±5%), and the power consumption is 520W (±10%). G32-1800 model, 328GPS (±5%) under CC31 algorithm, 65.6GPS (±5%) under CC32 algorithm, power consumption 1800W (±10%). According to the official news of the core movement, the current G32 mining machine is scheduled to be delivered. The estimated delivery time is August 2019.