David Marcus, CEO of Calibra: Don't think that the company that exited Libra is wrong, there will be more members to join

According to BNNBloomberg, David Marcus, head of the Facebook blockchain and director of the Libra Association, said in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday that he does not believe that the companies that exit the Libra project are wrong, that these companies and their leaders are interested in shareholders, employees and stakeholders. Those are responsible. Although politicians seem to be worried about financial innovation, he is still optimistic that more organizations will join the association. Earlier, Senate members Sherrod Brown and Brian Schat wrote to companies such as Visa to urge them to withdraw from the Libra project. When asked if the letter constituted a threat to the company, Marcus did not give a specific answer. He replied: "I don't know, what do you think it sounds like?" But Marcus added that this will produce Chilling effect.