MatPool and minerOS formally form a partnership

Recently, MatPool and minerOS officially reached a partnership, MatPool professional mining pool operation and maintenance experience combined with minerOS intelligent mining management system to maximize mining revenue, create a safe, stable and trustworthy high-yield digging for the majority of miners Mine platform.

minerOS is an intelligent mining management system based on Linux system specially designed for miners. It is free, but stable, more profitable, easy to operate and can be operated in batches. Created by the Babbitt team, MatPool covers three business lines: PoW mining, Staking and AI cloud computing. It is the leading PoW mine in the Asia Pacific region, one of the largest Staking mining platforms and a number of public chain nodes.

MatPool will soon be on the Nervos CKB test network mining competition, users can use minerOS mining to get rich main currency rewards. Join the community and focus on high-yield SGD online. MatPool QQ group: 877572570minerOS QQ group: 794704701