In the early hours of the morning, 17 of the 1000 BTC units of UTXO generated in February last year were transferred.

The Beijing chain chain monitoring system found that in the early morning of October 16th, Beijing time, 17 UTCOs were transferred from the 1000BTC unit that was generated in February last year.

Among them, the 173gzz start address was transferred to 13 addresses on February 16, 2018. The 1000 BTCs were all transferred to the new address from 05:24:33 to 06:43:30 on October 16th, plus another 600BTC. The transfer, a total of 13,600 BTC.

The 16U73U start address was transferred to 1000 BTCs on 5 addresses on February 21, 2018. Four of them were transferred to the new address at 05:23:23 on October 16th.

In fact, after transaction traceability, we found that both addresses can be traced back to the same source of funds, and the possibility of illegal funds is excluded, combined with the operation time is close, and all are parallel to the new address, it is not excluded that the same controller is Take action.

It has been reported earlier that this year, the address of the giant whale has been active, and the address of holding a thousand BTC has increased.