OKEx contract big data: BTC contract long and short positions than 1.28, the market sees more emotions rebound again

As of 10:30 on October 16, according to the OKEx contract big data, the current BTC contract long and short positions ratio is 1.28, the quarter contract basis is 67.54 US dollars, the perpetual contract basis is 0.73 US dollars; the BTC contract positions total 7,124,708. 24h trading volume was 15,019,588; active buying volume was 211,674, and active selling volume was 171,236; elite account was more than 60%, long position was 30.34%, short account was 39%, and short position was 12.48%. Analysts said that the ratio of long and short positions is 1.28, and the number of retail investors has rebounded again. The total amount of positions has remained stable and increased. The active trading activity is generally low, but the active sales volume has decreased, and the BTC contract elite positions. The long position ratio rose to 30.34%, and the elites saw more emotions.