Analysis: The long-term spillovers in the futures market have risen markedly, and the IOST contract has fallen.

BFX.NU research members said today that the long-term spillovers in the futures market yesterday were significantly higher than yesterday's, about 6.12%. Currently, the BTC mainly supports the average price of 8175.09U, although the contract is mostly bullish, but the momentum is 10 and The oscillating AO indicators all entered the recommended selling range. Mainstream currency futures sector, NEO, XRP, ALGO and other 9 types of contracts are short-term Masukura, while EOS, ADA, XMR and other 9 contracts are showing a trend of lightening; platform currency futures, HT, OKB contracts are short-term Masukura Among them, the HT contract added 92,300 positions in a short period of time, and the size of short positions increased compared with the previous 3 days.