Opinion: The US economy is missing opportunities as US big companies withdraw their support for Libra

According to Beincrypto, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano recently participated in the CNBC Squawk Box program to discuss the topic of MasterCard, Stripe and other major members withdrawing from the Libra Association. Pompliano said he still feels that Facebook will launch Libra sometime in the future. However, as US big companies withdraw their support for the project, the US economy will not get much benefit: "The sad thing is that they basically have to get rid of all American companies… and then, if (eliminated) succeeds, American companies won't benefit." Moderator Joe Kernan reminds viewers that this pressure exerted by the US government is impossible in a completely decentralized anarchy (ie, bitcoin). He believes that Libra simply cannot replicate the "unforgeable value" of Bitcoin. Considering that some well-known companies are engaged in this project, governments around the world can exert pressure to change certain aspects of the system or even stop working completely. This is what we saw when the members of the Libra Association suddenly withdrew their commercial interests last weekend.