Grayscale Investment Q3 Report: 84% of the funds come from institutional investors; the return on trust products such as Bitcoin is negative across the board.

Grayscale investment recently released Q3 report, the investment inflows exceeded $250 million this quarter, a two-fold increase from the previous quarter. However, this quarter's gray-scale trust products generally have a callback, with Bitcoin Trust's quarterly return rate of -29.4%, Ethereum Trust -40.1%, and Zcash and LTC Trust's largest declines of more than 60%. In the third quarter, institutional investors represented by hedge funds were still a strong driver of gray-scale capital inflows, 84% of which came from institutional investors, compared to 80% in the past year, institutional investment Interest in cryptocurrencies has only increased. In addition, nearly 80% of the capital inflows are related to the conversion of digital assets into gray-scale family series “in-kind” products in exchange for share of stock contributions, and this trend has recently accelerated, in the past 12 months More than only 71%.