Decentralized autonomous game "Horseman GO" on October 24th Pioneer

On October 16th, the decentralized autonomous game "HorsemanGO" officially opened the official website ( and the official public number, and announced that it will invite senior players to launch a pioneering test at 10:00 on October 24th. Only users who have been invited and have obtained an activation code can participate in this test event, limited to 200.

It is reported that "Horseman GO" is based on code operation governance mechanism rather than centralized corporate entity control. In this nutritional game, players manage their own pastures, improve horse genes and attributes, and constantly train horses to get top level. Event winners and bonus proceeds. The core items such as the player's horse racing and advanced skill books can be confirmed by the chain. Almost all game revenues will enter the Central Horse Club and be used for the Marseille bonus to be distributed to the player and the game ecological construction. Symbiosis, a win-win situation.