Shenzhen Datong: Established a joint lab with Beijing Post. The Datong chain is in trial operation.

Shen Datong Secretary (SZ000038) responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform. The company and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications jointly established the “Deep-Taitong-Northern Post Block Chain Joint Lab” to help the company's blockchain R&D process. The Chase chain is currently operating well. The company is actively interfacing with the winding units and optimizing the existing infrastructure to further improve the operational efficiency of the Datong chain. On August 27, 2019, Shenzhen Datto was awarded the “2019 China Excellent Blockchain Application Case Award” at the China International Intelligent Industry Expo Blockchain Summit Forum with the “Datong Chain Advertising Platform”. Currently, the Chase Chain Still in trial operation, no revenue has been generated.